Neil Pemberton

I’ve been working in partnership with Cisco exclusively for over 20 years from start-up in 1996, through acquisition in 2005, to leading a 350+ organisation with annual turnovers of £200+ Million. I believe that technology has greater potential than ever to make a positive contribution to how we communicate and collaborate. My role at ITGL is to ensure we always deliver for our clients.


Glyn Taylor

My expertise and passion is consulting with clients looking to develop their business models and operations. This is borne out of a career to date including systems engineering on military fighter jet aircraft, business development, and service operations roles in a fast-growing technology business.

Paul Hanagan

I’ve been working with Cisco since 1999, specialising in Collaboration. Over the years I have been involved in many technology trends, but none has been as big as the current trend of migrating on-premises services to hybrid or full cloud services. My role at ITGL is to deliver technical services to meet customer requirements