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Cisco Webex for Secure Meetings

The importance of security for online meetings   As a security expert, I don’t often get to write about unified communications but security is important everywhere, with communication and collaboration technologies being no exception.  Increased Usage The recent massive uptake in remote working as a result of Covid-19 has driven many new users to platforms like Zoom,… View Article

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Secure Home Working and Maslow

For those familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the impact of coronavirus can feel like we’ve stepped down a few categories to ‘safety needs’, where health and resources are a primary focus. We see this in the ongoing panic buying of supplies and the natural anxiety about maintaining our health. Online Safety One thing that… View Article

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Space: the final frontier

Smart technology is changing the nature of buildings worldwide, and we are starting to see the benefits of these developments in our homes and workplaces. The further education sector also stands to reap huge rewards by embracing this new technology. We’re all aware of ways that digital enablement has transformed teaching methods and student experiences… View Article

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