A message from our CEO

I know I speak for everyone at ITGL when I express our admiration and gratitude for all the essential frontline workers currently helping us through this crisis. 

The whole world habeen encountering significant disruption and we must acknowledge that businesses in the IT sector have been better placed than many others to cope with recent challenges

At ITGL, we have seen this as an opportunity to exercise our duty of care towards existing clients and to also extend it to other organisations that have needed our help. We don’t exist in a vacuum, but in a global network of connected businessespublic and third sector organisations, and individuals. We would like to keep it that way. 

Some of our clients have been harder hit than others and we have been reaching out to them to offer support. Beyond our client base, and in conjunction with Cisco, ITGL has also been offering free Webex conferencing and Cisco security services to help organisations during this time.  

ITGL’s success is due, in no small part, to the dedication and hard work of every person who works for the company. As individuals they have had to cope with extraordinary difficulties and hardships, and as a team they have supported each other while rising to every challenge. The swift adaptability of our people means we have been able to sustain excellent service throughout the organisation. 

ITGL has a team in place who are already planning for the next stages, including the inevitable economic consequences that will follow on the heels of this isolation period. We all have challenges yet to face but I have great confidence in the future: for ITGLfor the difference we can make to our clients, for us all. 

If you think we can help or just want to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.  

Stay safe and at home if you can.  



Published by Ian Pinkstone
April 2, 2020