Cisco innovation is changing how teams work

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Intuitive Working

Collaboration First Technology

In a global and mobile society, the way people work has evolved. Work today requires collaboration across multiple locations.

Cisco Webex is a market leading collaboration solution that includes Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, Team Messaging, and Whiteboarding. Users can access from a single platform on any device, making collaborating a seamless experience.

At ITGL we have deep expertise through Advanced Webex Certification and Accreditation. This unique blend of expertise and focus on the success of our clients is what sets ITGL apart. We understand that there are real business drivers behind any decision to invest in technology, and are committed to ensuring that our Client’s achieve their goals to deliver success.


client focus

People invest in technology for many reasons. Without someone to help them along the way, they don’t always achieve the outcomes they’d hoped for. That’s why we proactively work with you to understand what you would like to achieve and create concrete goals to help you get there.


Supporting Your Success

Changing the way you communicate is a big decision. Choosing a team to work with on the project is an even bigger one.

We are passionate about your success and have a number of services to ensure it:

  • End user training portal
  • ITGL enhanced support
  • ITGL installation services