Cisco Webex Calling

Cloud calling made simple with all the benefits of a traditional office phone system. Integrate with Webex Teams, Meetings and Devices

How It Works

Better Together

Most Enterprise agreements require you to buy a license for every knowledge worker in order to benefit from the agreement.

However with Flex, you have the option to start small with a few named users and grow over time at your own pace.

When you do migrate to a company-wide agreement, you will be rewarded with a 20% growth allowance completely free of charge. Allowing you to scale easily without a complex admin overhead.

Software support is included on all licenses at no extra cost, meaning you can upgrade freely at any point.

What You Get

Cloud or on-premise you decide

When you buy a license of Webex calling you can decide where that license gets provisioned. Point to the Cisco Webex Cloud for a fully hosted solution (powered by broadsoft) or point towards your own Cisco Call Manager on premise to provide the functionality in house.

You make the choice per user and Cisco will stitch everything together into a single integrated solution. Move to the cloud at your own pace and provide a consistent experience regardless of deployment choice


Bring your own PSTN to the Webex Cloud

If you are ready for the cloud, migrating to the Webex cloud for calling is easy! There is no requirement to change your existing PSTN network. Keep your same number range and maintain your existing relationships with valued suppliers.

Simply terminate your existing PSTN connections onto a local Cisco Gateway and this will route all traffic to the Cisco Webex Platform on your behalf.

Cisco will work with any provider giving you the flexibility to negotiate the best deal possible for your new deployment.

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