ITGL achieves Advanced Customer Experience Specialisation  

Gereint Collier

Published by Gereint Collier
December 2, 2019

ITGL recently became the first Cisco EMEAR Partner to meet all the new specialisation requirements for Cisco’s Advanced Customer Experience Specialisation. 

The successful completion of the advanced audit highlights that ITGL goes above and beyond to deliver a unique experience and exceptional value to our clients. We are continuing to lead the charge in this area and are proud to receive this strong endorsement from Cisco.  

While Cisco advocates the benefits of their customercentric approach to deliver success throughout the partner community, ITGL is pressing ahead. Not content to rest on our laurels, we continue to invest in our client experience practice and to strive for continual improvement. We have recently invested in extending the range of tools we use to deliver consistent client experience and in expanding our client success team.  

Our commitment 

We aim for happy, loyal, life-long clients. We make this happen by committing to unlock the full potential of every investment and underpinning that commitment by delivering a worldclass experience. 

Within ITGL, every one of us has a part to play in ensuring this commitment is fulfilled. 

Outcomes not adoption 

major differentiator for ITGL is the primary focus on delivering outcomes rather than adoption. 

For us, adoption alone does not necessarily equal success. It is quite possible for a solution to be widely adopted, yet still fail to meet the outcomes desired by the client. Adoption, then, should be considered a key indicator of performance towards outcomes, rather than the defining factor.  

In his book The Outcome GenerationPaul Henderson talks about a new generation of technology vendor that competes on enabling future results, rather than selling solutions to today’s problems. This is a concept that we have fully embraced at ITGL. 

We collaborate, workshop, and plan how success will be achieved, building a roadmap that ensures the solution accelerates the client towards their future business aspirations.

Robust methodology 

ITGL employs a robust methodology to deliver outcomes and ensure alignment with our clients’ business objectives throughout their journey. We minimise the time it takes to achieve first value from an investment, guiding clients through onboarding, change management, and adoption. Nurturing long term strategic relationships built on trust.

Our Client Success Managers support our client relationships with proactive engagement. They continually provide transparency into how technology solutions are performing and maintain alignment with clients’ desired outcomes through regular reviews. 

Were always listening 

have already mentioned a dedication to continuous improvementwe are always learning and refining our processes to ensure we provide our clients with the level of experience that we aspire to. We are always listening… perhaps not in the same way Alexa or Google might be, but always seeking the client feedback that is essential to our business. 

Our client experience team is constantly striving to close the loop and improve the client journey, ensuring the desired experience is delivered at the right timeBy taking this outsidein view on feedback, systems, and processes, we can ensure that we keep providing our clients with a unique journey toward success. 

Gereint Collier

Published by Gereint Collier
December 2, 2019

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