ITGL awarded Cisco’s Master Collaboration Specialisation

The team at ITGL came together with a shared passion for delivering expertise alongside a desire to drive innovation with our clients. I personally joined ITGL to see this vision out in the context of collaboration. In my first two years we achieved some really good things.

A Global First

We were the first partner globally to provide Flex to a client (and the second), we were Cisco’s UK&I Partner of the Year for collaboration, and we had two fully funded case studies on showing the work we have delivered for our clients.  

Striving for Excellence

We don’t rest on our laurels and we continue to strive for excellence in what is an incredibly crowded market of Cisco partners. For ITGL, however, that crowded market is something we are breaking away from. There are approximately 1,800 partners of Cisco in the UK.  As of 26 January 2020, ITGL is one of only seven UK partners to hold the Master Collaboration Specialisation. This is a fantastic achievement for the team and something we are all incredibly proud of. 

A Masters First

As part of this certification, ITGL had to design a solution for a fictious client and demonstrate our technical and sales ability to design, deploy, and pitch. To align with our drive for innovation, we chose to put forward the Cisco Webex platform and deliver all components in the cloud. We are told this was a first for a Masters audit. 

Client Experience 

A large part of our sales presentation was focused on client experience. In a world of subscription where costs are continually under scrutiny, our clients need confidence that the tools we provide will map to their intended outcomes. We take this seriously at ITGL, dedicating an entire team to this function. Out of the seven partners who hold the Masters Specialisation for collaboration, only two of them also hold the advanced accreditation for client experience. ITGL is one of them. 

With so much competition, it’s great that I and everyone else at ITGL can talk with confidence about what makes us different. 


Published by Scott Murphy
February 3, 2020

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