Our commitment to education

At ITGL we take pride in our relationships with education clients, who value our depth of experience and our understanding of their complex and challenging sector.

Understanding the learning environment

We understand that providing infrastructure for an excellent learning experience is about more than layers of technology. It takes real understanding of the learning environment – the physical and digital campus, formal and informal learning spaces, and the student experience and their expectations. It requires an appreciation of the extrinsic factors shaping institutional priorities such as funding, the Teaching Excellence Framework, and Covid-19, alongside intrinsic factors such as digital capabilities, organisational culture and workflow, pedagogy, and institutional strategy.

Introducing Helen Rodger

Helen Rodger has recently joined ITGL to continue our development of this deep understanding. She is an academic with 25 years’ experience addressing many aspects of digital learning in higher education. Helen has worked alongside academic staff to understand good digital learning practice and develop skills and confidence, with professional services staff to articulate student-facing institutional digital information, and with students to understand their experiences and attitudes to learning technology. She has tested, piloted, and implemented digital learning tools as they have evolved, built communities of practice, and developed institutional frameworks, principles, and operating standards for digital and distance learning.

With the Education Sector rapidly adapting to the implications of Covid-19, it’s certainly an interesting time to move from inside a university to the external world of a digital solutions provider. I’m looking forward to applying my experience and academic insight into this new role, serving the learning community and beyond.

Helen Rodger

Helen will be applying her insight and experience to enable ITGL to continue building strong, effective, and sustainable connections with the education sector – never more important as institutes strive to establish their new normal.

Follow Helen on Twitter @HelenMRodger or email helenr@itgl.com


Published by Rob Kenny
June 17, 2020