Secure Home Working and Maslow

For those familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the impact of coronavirus can feel like we’ve stepped down a few categories to ‘safety needs’, where health and resources are a primary focus. We see this in the ongoing panic buying of supplies and the natural anxiety about maintaining our health.

Online Safety

One thing that can get overlooked when we focus on safety is our online safety. This is more important than ever, now that many businesses are moving to a home working environment. As people move away from the protection of the office and gain access to IT resources previously only available on-site, the attack surface will broaden and risk will increase. To make matters worse, we’ve seen a significant increase in malicious online activity by people attempting to exploit the current situation.

World-Leading Threat Intelligence

Cisco’s modern, integrated cyber security solutions offer the same protection on and off-site. Home working is supported by secure connectivity to cloud services, on-premise services, and Internet resources that can be separated from location and device. This is combined with the best threat intelligence in the world and a near frictionless end-user experience. The result is increased safety and a solution that makes home working a viable option.

Secure Remote Working

The more effectively and securely we can operate remotely, the sooner we’ll be climbing Maslow’s hierarchy again. History shows that in times of crisis, the pace of innovation increases. We could even hope that the successful adoption of secure remote working will ultimately increase efficiency and maybe even improve our environment by reducing commuter carbon emissions. But that’s another story…

See how ITGL, in partnership with Cisco, is enabling secure home working for free for 90-days.

Andy Le Grice

Published by Andy Le Grice
March 27, 2020

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