Think IT Framework – FAQ

Below you will find answers to some common questions regarding the Think IT Framework.

If the answers to your questions are not covered below, please feel free to contact ITGL at

What is Think IT?

Think IT is a specialist IT procurement framework for the public sector.

Why is the framework needed?

Public sector bodies have a need for a compliant procurement vehicle to access a range of IT services to meet their diverse needs, as well as an approved process to enable the pooling of IT solution requirements under a project without the need for separate, expensive procurement.

Who can use the framework?

Any public sector organisation including schools, universities, and colleges can use the framework.

Through what official process has the framework been approved?

The Think IT framework has been through a full OJEU competitive tender process, and evaluated against criteria including cost, quality, and service. It has been reviewed by the Department for Education (DfE), Ministry of Defense (MoD), Cabinet Office, and numerous Local Authorities. DfE recommend Think IT as part of their “Deals for Schools” initiative.

Which technologies can be purchased using this framework?

The general answer is anything related to IT, with access to the full Cisco portfolio via ITGL.

How long is the framework operational?

The contract was awarded March 2018 and has a 3-year term with a possible 1-year extension.

How many LOTs are on the framework?

Think IT is a single LOT sole supplier framework.

How many suppliers are on the framework?

Suppliers are added and removed as requirements and technology evolves. There are currently more than 85 suppliers on the framework.

How are suppliers selected?

All suppliers have been put through a rigorous evaluation process before being accepted onto the framework, which follows current public procurement best practice.


Published by Ben Pammenter
June 7, 2019