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Simplifying Collaboration

Cisco has revolutionised the way we collaborate by bringing everything and everyone together in one place. Now we can stay connected with virtual meeting spaces, messaging, file sharing, whiteboards, and video calling in the most intuitive workspace we’ve ever had.

Redefining the Network

The network is the foundation of our connectivity. Where once its role was passive, it is today required to be adaptive, protective, and informative across all IT and business processes. Cisco have realised this with their latest generation of Intent-Based Networking technology.

Integrating Security across your Digital Estate

Building upon TALOS, the world-leading cyber security threat intelligence organisation, Cisco have redefined network security with an unparalleled suite of interconnecting services, integrating security across the network, cloud, internet, email, and endpoints.

Facilitating Adoption across your Workforce

The introduction of Cisco’s latest technology brings many new features and ways of working to your users. ITGL specialises in providing education and training, whilst measuring adoption rates to ensure your return on investment.

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