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Security Made Simple

In an increasingly connected world, where more users and devices are interacting than ever before, complexity in security management rises. Cisco Security Cloud simplifies this complexity, ensuring robust security for everyone, wherever security meets the network.

Maximise your return on investment by consolidating vendors and reducing the complexity of your security infrastructure. Cisco Security Cloud integrates your security measures, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

With unified, end-to-end protection, Cisco Security Cloud maximizes value, minimizes risk, and closes security gaps, defending against evolving threats. Our solution secures access, applications, and innovation across your network, ensuring a secure future for your organisation.


Posture and Authentication

To reduce the number of stolen credentials, it's essential to implement advanced authentication methods. Risk-based and passwordless authentication can significantly enhance security by assessing the context and risk level of each login attempt. Verified push notifications add an extra layer of security, ensuring that only legitimate users can gain access.

Endpoint Security

For endpoint security, leveraging advanced technologies such as machine learning and behavior analysis is crucial. These methods can identify and block threats more effectively, ensuring that potential risks are mitigated before they can cause harm.

Email Threat Defence

Email threat defense requires robust tools to quickly evaluate and identify potential threats. Utilizing file reputation scoring and sandboxing techniques allows for a comprehensive analysis of email content, ensuring that malicious files and links are detected and neutralized before they reach the user.

Experience Insights

Experience insights are invaluable for understanding and improving user interactions. With tools like ThousandEyes, which will soon be generally available, organizations can gain visibility into their users' digital experiences, identifying and addressing performance issues proactively.

Remote Browser Isolation

Remote browser isolation is a powerful tool in reducing end-user system compromises by up to 70%. By isolating browsing activities from the endpoint, this technology prevents malicious code from reaching the user's device, thus enhancing overall security.

Security Service Edge (SSE)

The Security Service Edge (SSE) framework provides comprehensive protection against web-based threats by converging multiple security features, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). This approach ensures that users can securely access web resources without exposing the network to potential risks.

Threat Intelligence

Finally, leveraging threat intelligence is key to staying ahead of cyber threats. By continuously monitoring and analysing threat data, organisations can anticipate and defend against emerging threats more effectively.


Defend Your Clouds

To effectively defend your cloud environments, it is crucial to implement multi-directional protection. This approach stops inbound attacks, prevents data exfiltration, and halts lateral movement, ensuring comprehensive security across all cloud platforms.

Secure Your Workloads

Securing your workloads is equally important. By employing zero-trust microsegmentation, you can stop threats from spreading and protect your applications from potential breaches, maintaining a robust security posture throughout your infrastructure.

Protect Your Applications

Protecting your applications involves gaining visibility and security across the entire application lifecycle. This holistic approach reduces risks and ensures compliance with industry standards, providing peace of mind that your applications are safeguarded at every stage.

Reduce Your Risk

Reducing risk is streamlined through data-driven vulnerability prioritization, which accelerates remediation efforts. This efficient method helps to minimize vulnerabilities and strengthen your overall security framework quickly and effectively.

Manage Your Attach Surface

Managing your attack surface requires a thorough understanding and constant monitoring of your cloud environment. By keeping an eye on policy violations and misconfigurations, you can proactively address potential issues and maintain a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure.


Comprehensive Threat Visibility

Achieving comprehensive threat visibility is essential in today’s complex digital environment. By obtaining a broad view of the threat landscape across email, endpoint, network, and cloud vectors, organizations can better understand potential vulnerabilities and prepare more effective defenses.

Early Threat Detection

Early threat detection is critical to stopping attacks before they cause significant damage. By integrating detection capabilities across email, endpoints, networks, and cloud environments, threats can be identified and neutralized at the earliest stages, preventing them from escalating.

Improved Incident Response

Improving incident response involves speeding up response times with streamlined workflows and enriched context. Comprehensive attack visibility allows security teams to act swiftly and accurately, minimizing the impact of security incidents and ensuring a more resilient defense posture.

Enhance Threat Intelligence

Enhanced threat intelligence is generated by correlating telemetry from multiple sources. This approach produces accurate and actionable insights, enabling organizations to anticipate and counteract potential threats more effectively, thereby strengthening their overall security strategy.

Deep Contextual Insights

Deep contextual insights are vital for understanding the full scope of attacks. By providing enriched contextual information, organizations can enable accurate and timely responses to threats, ensuring that security measures are both effective and precisely targeted.

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