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Events, Exhibitions & Webinars

16th May 2024

Cisco FSO Event

We are co-hosting alongside Cisco an FSO event where we plan to host 20-30 clients and run through the below agenda at the Cisco London office.

09:30 - Arrival
10:00 - Introduction to the session
10:15 - Voice of the caustomers
10:30 - What is Cisco Full Stack Observability
10:45 - Demo (AIOps, Thousandeyes integration, Cost Insights, Secure App, Climatiq)
11:45 - Q&A
12:00 - Use Cases
12:30 - Summary & Close
13:00 - Lunch & Networking

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5th June 2024

UCISA Digital Sustainability Conference 2024: Green, greener, greenest

Highlight of topics the event will explore:

  • Should you care about where in the world your Data Centre is located?
  • How do you measure Data Centre sustainability?
  • Will the use of AI make us more sustainable?
  • How long should a device be used? Is 5 years a norm?

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18th June

Jisc Networkshop 2024

Programme themes:

  • Empowering people – develop strategies for diverse talent management, cultivate an innovative and productive workforce for the future, and build user-centric, accessible networks to adapt to evolving user needs
  • Driving innovation and transformation – exploring the latest trends and innovations in connectivity and emerging technologies
  • Optimising infrastructure – practical strategies to ensure your networks are agile, scalable and seamlessly aligned with dynamic demands
  • Strengthening security – the latest developments in network security to increase your resilience against a changing threat landscape

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June (TBC)

Webinar: Simon Furber's Digital Foundations

More information coming soon

3rd July 2024

UCISA SSG24: The Future is You!

Highlight of topics the event will explore:

  • Real-life examples of change and innovation
  • Career journeys and skillset development
  • Mental wellbeing and the work life balance
  • The adoption of artificial intelligence
  • Innovations in teaching and learning technologies
  • IT security and cyber threats in practice
  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging within IT
  • How are you improving customer experience

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10th October

UCISA DIG24: Creating a Smart Campus

Highlight of topics the event will explore:

  • Security
  • Sustainability
  • Creating a Smart Campus

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Oct (TBC)

Webinar: Cyber Security

More information coming soon