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Advisory Integral

Contextualised data analysis that informs pattern identification, incident grouping, and future predictions. Periodic advisory reports and reviews are delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Client Portal with Insights

Enhancing the client portal to bring smart management of hardware and software licences and contracts. Potential risks, unnecessary redundancy, consolidation efficiencies, and unused feature entitlements are detected and presented.

Problem Analysis

The identification and management of root causes of incidents, grouping them together and providing resolutions to prevent incidents from reoccurring.

Periodic Service Reviews

Conducted by the Service Delivery and Customer Success Managers, we review performance, identify vulnerabilities, and collaboratively determine areas for improvement. These sessions can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on your need.

Also included:

  • Periodic Service Reports
  • Hardware Lifecycle Advisory
  • Software and Security Advisory

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