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Automated Integral

We assume full responsibility for incident identification, leveraging a robust monitoring and alert system. Advanced telemetry, machine learning, and network management allow for early issue detection, alert correlation, and contextual insights to streamline resolution.

Intelligent Monitoring and Alerting

ITGL’s Integral engine correlates alerts, reduces noise, and adds context, to ensure the relevancy and efficiency of the alerts you receive. We automatically interrogate the alert source before a case is raised, providing additional information to support engineers, and enabling them to be fully informed right from the start.

Preventative Analysis

Machine learning is leveraged alongside threshold-based alerts to detect deviations from the norm. Through analysing data over time, anomalies are identified earlier, allowing us to proactively prevent critical network issues.

Also included:

  • Capacity Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Access Management
  • Certificate Management

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