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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Practical Insights and Lessons Learned in Securing the Modern Campus

There were several great questions coming from the audience as a result of the webinar, not least from those struggling to build a clear picture of their environment. For those currently in a similar position, ITGL has provided a quick three-step guide to developing this clear picture, and preparing the groundwork for effective network segmentation.

Find the right partner: Access to a team of experts for consultation and guidance can make all the difference. The right partner will help alleviate the pressure on your inhouse team, while bringing valuable insight and experience to the process.

Attain real visibility: Being able to identify and monitor network activity and connected devices is vital to mapping out your environment. Industry toolsets like NetFlow allow for crucial data collection, to be analysed and developed into recommendations by your partner.

Don’t ignore IoT & OT: Internet of Things and Operational Technology devices have a habit of being overlooked or dropping off the map, potentially leaving critical gaps in your knowledge and security.

30-Day Visibility Assessment

Interested institutions can reach out to ITGL to arrange a 30-Day Visibility Assessment, designed to give you concrete, actionable results:

  • Gain insight into your environment and network; identify connected devices, network activity, active users, connected Cloud/SaaS solutions, and even data shared between SaaS solutions.
  • Locate and understand issues and potential threats already present within your network.
  • Identify foundational steps that can be taken towards implementing network segmentation, and more.

To book in your assessment, or to talk further about any of the information included in the webinar, please fill out the form below: