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Unlock your success with ITGL

Searching for the perfect partner to maximise your success? Look no further than ITGL, the leading Cisco Gold Partner serving the Education, Health, Government, and Commercial sectors. With our 100% focus on Cisco solutions and unmatched expertise, we guarantee a winning collaboration that ensures your financial growth.



ITGL’s experienced team delivers outstanding results. Gain access to the best minds in the industry, so you can deliver exceptional value from the get-go.


At ITGL, we’re immersed in our clients’ objectives, forging unbreakable client relationships for lasting success.

Data-driven solutions

Leveraging AI and automation, ITGL integrates data seamlessly to provide lightning speed resolutions, clear client satisfaction, and guaranteed renewals.

Long-term vision

ITGL fosters enduring relationships. Logical, future-oriented solutions ensure sustainable success. Choose ITGL for investment in growth.

Cisco Synergy

Exclusive Cisco Focus

With our total loyalty to Cisco, we offer the deepest expertise and most comprehensive knowledge of the Cisco ecosystem.

Aligned Goals

Our solutions and services are strategically designed to meet your FY23 targets and incentives, ensuring mutual success.

Maximise Earnings

As a Managed Services Premier Provider (soon Gold), ITGL empowers you to maximise your competitive edge and your earning potential.

Sales Mastery

We captivate clients and showcase the potential of our solutions through storytelling. Our compelling narratives communicate the benefits of our offerings, helping clients to envision how our solutions can transform their organisations.

Our approach is exemplified by success stories like Intuitive Campus and Intuitive Healthcare, designed for the education and NHS sectors. Additionally, our consultancy-led sales strategy aligns Cisco technology with industry frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, Cyber Assessment, and The Data Security Protection Toolkit. By presenting a comprehensive vision beyond technology, we inspire client confidence and prove our ability to deliver on promises.

Integral Services

In a world of increasing network demands and stretched IT teams, we have gone beyond traditional support with our transformative Integral Services. By understanding our clients' needs, providing innovative solutions, and assuming ownership, we become an indispensable part of their team.

ITGL forges partnerships that lead to inevitable contract renewals and long-term value. Contact us now to start your journey towards growth and profitability.