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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve worked in the industry for 5 years now, the last 2.5 of which have been with ITGL. Before this I studied at Swansea University, taking the opportunity to travel Australia after I completed my degree. The positivity of these experiences has helped to keep me going through years of suffering as a long-term Oxford United fan.

What do you enjoy about working at ITGL?

Working at ITGL has been a breath of fresh air, the culture within the organisation is completely different to anything I have experienced elsewhere. There is a real focus on positivity and excellence to enable everyone to develop and provide the best service possible to our clients. I’ve also found the openness and willingness across the organisation for people to communicate and support each other really impactful.

How has ITGL helped you to progress your career?

Coming to ITGL gave me the opportunity to develop further in my career, as I’ve been given the opportunity to take on more responsibility in supporting clients directly. With guidance from the team, I’ve been able to work directly with clients to understand their specific objectives and how we can best align to help them achieve these. This has helped me to progress within the sales team, being promoted earlier this year from Account Manager to Business Development Manager, which again comes with more responsibility to develop key client relationships.

What’s next for you at ITGL?

As mentioned above, I’ve recently become a Business Development Manager within the team. My objectives now are to develop my understanding around the healthcare and local government sectors in order to enhance my role within the team. By pairing this with mastering our key propositions, this will enable me to bring more relevancy to clients when consulting with them, to enable better outcomes for their staff and end users.

Why should I apply to join the team?

If you’re motivated to learn and develop, and you strive to be an expert within your specific field, then ITGL is absolutely the place for you. The support network here truly enables positive growth and it will help you develop the mentality to perform at the highest level.