t: 0333 666 5777e: hello@itgl.com

ITGL Limited, Trafalgar House,
223 Southampton Road,
Portsmouth, PO6 4PY


Tell us a bit about yourself?

As an apprentice I’ve had an amazing time with ITGL - they give me time for my university work as well as time to better myself with my field. My manager has been amazing at enabling this – I can ask them any questions I have, and they will always answer or help me to understand if I’m having an issue.


What do you enjoy about working at ITGL?

I enjoy the environment and people around me. I always feel I can ask for help if I need and there is always someone willing to help.


How has ITGL helped you to progress your career?

ITGL has helped massively in progressing my career over the year and a half that I’ve been with the company. I joined ITGL not knowing much about networking at all. I have now completed certifications and also progressed massively in the university side of my apprenticeship. I’ve also gained experience and a much better understanding of working on-site with equipment. 


What’s next for you at ITGL?

At the moment I’m working towards more certifications and would like to be able to take on a small job myself soon.


Why should I apply to join the team?

The people and culture around the business are a massive part of what makes this company an amazing place to work. You’re also working with some of the best people in their sector, which allows you to learn a lot because everyone is always willing to help you to progress.