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ITGL is a multi-award-winning digital consultancy that helps organisations in the education sector to ensure technology delivers on its promises. As estates and systems become increasingly large and complex, we work closely with universities and colleges to help them extract maximum value from their investments, and make sure that they solve the issues for which they were originally intended. We approach even the toughest challenges with a positive attitude and clear intent – which is why our clients trust us not just as their technology partner, but as core members of their team.

In 2024, our continued success was reflected through ITGL’s acquisition into the larger Conscia family. This was a perfect match; Conscia has long championed the same ideals and values that make up a core part of our identity, and we continue to operate in the same way that initially garnered Conscia’s attention. At the same time, this transition has allowed us to leverage the substantial resources and services that the wider group has to offer. For our clients, this means that our managed services will become more sophisticated, our cybersecurity offerings will expand, and we’ll have a wider portfolio of solutions to cater to our clients.

Every client is Integral

While ‘Integral’ started off as our name for managed support, it has since bloomed into the collective term for our values and the approach we take to everything we do. Close collaboration with clients ensures that we take the time to design and deliver solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, objectives, and difficulties. Bespoke managed services deliver robust support and management for the complex, mission-critical services upon which institutions rely. Integrated client success means that we closely monitor a project’s progress throughout the process, ready to adjust and refine our methods towards a shared definition of success.

Securing the modern campus


With education institutions becoming an increasingly common target of cyberattacks, cybersecurity is naturally top of mind for many in the sector.  Universities and colleges hold a tremendous amount of data relative to their typical security posture, and the continuing skills gap makes staffing up internally a significant challenge. ITGL provides peace of mind to our clients through a robust suite of security services, from consulting on Cyber Essentials certification and providing skills on demand to get projects over the line, to delivering sophisticated zero-trust networks and managed detection & response (MDR) solutions.

Delivering connected experiences


Whether it’s providing a comfortable home-away-from-home for student accommodation, or innovating on what can be done in interactive learning spaces, institutions increasingly rely on their networks to dictate the experiences they can offer. ITGL has worked with institutions to deliver everything from network refreshes to complete redesigns, enabling our clients to implement location services, smart building technologies, and efficiency-boosting automation – all on top of the reliable and scalable connectivity that institutions require and staff and students expect.