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ITGL helps higher education institutions to build strong digital foundations, secure their estates, and unlock unrealised potential in their existing investments.

As one of the UK’s leading digital specialists, we understand that technology isn’t a destination, but a vehicle for delivering
better experiences, a safer and fairer society, and a cleaner environment.

By designing and delivering digital solutions tailored specifically to the needs of our clients, we help to drive progress
towards their strategic goals.

As part of Conscia, ITGL clients can now benefit from bolstered cybersecurity solutions and further enhanced managed services, to support their increasingly complex network and cloud infrastructure needs.

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Universities understand, better than anyone else, the unique challenges facing their institution - and at ITGL we know that no two institutions are the same. To best serve our clients, we develop an ongoing relationship, taking the time to deeply understand their unique circumstances and build towards a shared vision of success.

ITGL provides institutions with the expert guidance and clarity of an objective expert – so they can gain a clear view of
where they currently stand, and the steps they need to take to achieve their strategic goals.


In collaboration with you, and drawing on our experience in the sector, we develop a unique understanding of your objectives and requirements.


We create transformational campuses through building resilient, secure, scalable foundations based on your unique goals.


Based on a partnership that continuously evolves to meet your needs, we offer financial predictability and environmental sustainability.


As we master data, free up resources, and inspire positivity, we empower you to push boundaries and lead change.

Optimising campus energy use and space efficiency

Before setting off on a journey, it helps to know where you’re starting from. We work with clients to assess their network, security posture, and overall digital maturity, so that they have a comprehensive view of their existing estate, and of where their money will have the biggest impact.

Once a clear picture is developed, we can more effectively help to ensure institutions have suitably strong fundamentals in place – enabling them to benefit from the resiliency, security, and capability of modern architecture.

With the right foundations, infrastructure opens the door to efficiency-boosting smart buildings, automated operations, real-time utilisation and data insights, and flexible digital learning and social spaces, empowering and elevating experiences for everyone.

Enhancing student experiences

As consumer technology continues to evolve, the expectations that students bring to their places of education are similarly increasing. We’ve worked with our clients to meet and exceed these expectations – engaging both prospective and existing students, wherever they are, through the integration of accessible and familiar ways to communicate and learn.



Case studies

Strengthening defence against cyberattacks

Many institutions are already working to their limits maintaining a secure, reliable service for their staff and students – all the while, instances of cyberattacks against educational organisations continue to increase. To help alleviate this pressure, ITGL has worked with several of our clients in supporting their internal IT teams and bolstering their efforts in securing
their estates.

Our Cyber Assist services provide support on a wide range of security concerns, including advising on Cyber Essentials certification, analysing existing security architecture, and improving threat visibility within an institution’s estate.

Our recent UCISA webinar with Middlesex and Bournemouth universities demonstrates how bringing in ITGL as a partner can help universities to achieve critical strategic goals in a tight timeframe, without compromising on security in the process.

Watch the full webinar now on YouTube.


Investing in sustainable infrastructure

As global events outside their control continue to exert pressure on institutions and their financial security, it’s never been more important that funds are spent on wise investments.

ITGL has been helping clients to achieve financial predictability through access to comprehensive, 24/7 inventory lifecycle visibility and management, as well as reliable, unambiguous licensing costs that provide access to required features, in the quantities that the institution needs.

ITGL also continues to be committed to driving environmental as well as financial sustainability, and ensuring that these goals complement, rather than curb, each other. Alongside our own journey to Net Zero by 2025, we’re helping clients bring down their own energy usage through smart deployment of automation and the optimisation of their estates – cutting down on both their emissions and the resulting energy bills.

Proactive support & managed services


To ensure that clients always have the capacity and guidance to achieve their goals, ITGL provides services to maintain and protect their strategic and day-to-day operations.

ITGL Cyber Assist is a range of cybersecurity advisory services to guide clients on their security posture and best practice design, while ITGL Integral Services provides proactive support, management, and optimisation of clients’ networking infrastructure. In today’s landscape, any organisation could become the target of a sophisticated attack at any time – regardless of their size or perceived value. With potential threats originating from both outside and within an institution’s network, it’s important to compliment best-practice security design with the proactive visibility, threat monitoring, and response that come from managed 24/7 security operations.

Whether endpoint detection and response (EDR), or extended detection and response (XDR), the continuous operation and defence of your university networking infrastructure is paramount. ITGL’s commitment to the development of its managed services, along with the capacity and capability that comes from being a member of the Conscia group, means your network has never been in better hands.

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