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Going beyond traditional support to empower digital infrastructure

In a world of increasing network demands and stretched IT teams, Integral Services ensures the continuous operation of your Cisco-focused networking infrastructure. We provide comprehensive support, management, and optimisation, integrating with Cisco TAC, utilising Cisco-developed tools and support-specific APIs.


Supporting IT teams to function at optimal capacity

Resourcing for IT teams remains a key concern across the private and public sectors, with many organisations currently operating with staffing levels that are well below normal. This situation compounds the pressure on IT teams to optimise performance within limited timeframes, while also facing the challenge of managing ever-increasing demands on networks.

Without additional time and resources to improve the situation, organisations can be held back from reaching their potential.

With an entire team of skills and support – including technical consultants, solutions consultants, support engineers, and client success managers – Integral Services isn’t an extension of your team, we are your team.


Integral support service options

ITGL Integral Services consists of a foundational level of service that can be further enhanced with additional optional packages:



The core of the Integral Services offering, providing essential services that go far beyond traditional support.



Data analysis that provides periodic reviews, security advisories, and contextualised reporting.



Advanced telemetry, machine learning and network management.


Skills on demand

Not every engagement has to be about something going wrong. Integral Services also gives clients access to our team of experts, allowing them to access specialist services to help them optimise and manage their digital infrastructure.

Access flexible resourcing through a pre-paid budget that can be drawn upon as and when required.

Fixed price
Enlist ITGL’s resources for individually scoped and priced engagements, that are suited to anticipated needs.


The Integral Client Portal


The Integral Client Portal gives our clients the ability to easily manage and maintain inventory and contracts, providing access to accurate, up-to-date data regarding hardware, software, licences and contract information, all in one place. Meticulous record-keeping ensures comprehensive service coverage and protection.

Clients opting for Advisory and Automated tiers benefit from features such as smart management of hardware and software licences, and additional insights including:

  • identification of potential risks and vulnerabilities
  • unnecessary redundancy
  • consolidation efficiences
  • unused feature entitlements

These insights, combined with regular review meetings and analysis from our experts, drive efficiency for your organisation and maximise the value of your investments.


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